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Photo: I was supposed to wait until Wednesday to offer this.....but this deal is too awesome to hold back on!!!

Be one of the first 10 Baseball TEAMS (not just players but your entire team!)......or one of the first 10 Softball TEAMS.....to call 1-570-992-DOME and we will offer your team an entire hour in one batting/pitching tunnels...and use of our tee hitting stations....for FREE!!!!

Call 1-570-992-DOME to reserve your spot now!!

This is a limited time offer and the rentals are only to be used when space is available. The free rental date must be selected upon winning and then must be redeemed by February 15th. Certain dates/times are not available. Check with Pocono Dome staff for all times and dates available upon winning. All participants, players and coaches, must sign waivers and abide by all Pocono Dome batting/pitching center rules. 

Good Luck!!

Batting Tunnel Rates -

Tunnels          1/2HR             1 HR

Tunnel 1         $25.00             $40.00

Tunnel 2         $25.00             $40.00

Tunnel 3         $25.00             $40.00

All Tunnels    $65.00            $110.00

For ATEC Pitching Machine add $10

Turf Field Rates -

Individual player open time only $10 per hour - Call 570-992-DOME

Team ¼ field rental is $10 a player per hour - minimum of 15 players
(Each additional player is $10)

Please read our General Rules - Rules

Click Here for Facility Schedule

Contact: Tim Bremen Sports Director (610) 737-8113 tbremen@poconodome.com

Rob Sabola Sports Director (610) 737-2379 rsabola@poconodome.com

Pat O’Connell General Manager (610) 844-7816 poconnell@poconodome.com